ProSep receives official US Patent for leading mixing technology

Industry-leading global provider of integrated process and mixing solutions, ProSep, has received official acknowledgment from the US Patent Office for improvements made to its recognized Annual Injection Mixer (AIM), resulting in a new patent being issued.

Part of ProSep’s portfolio of differentiated technologies for higher operational performance, AIM is the technology of choice for the global energy industry, providing an innovative alternative to traditional injection quills and static mixers. Highlighting its commitment to optimizing its leading technologies for evolving industry requirements and operations, ProSep received US Patent 11,673,104 B2 for its latest improvements to the technology. 

These improvements optimize the energy transfer of the process fluid to the injected phase, leading to enhanced additive dispersion throughout the process stream. As a result, there is significantly greater surface area of the additive for optimal utilization, reducing the need for overdosing, all with minimal pressure drop and with performance-substantiated field data indicating additive savings of 20-60%. 

AIM’s improved design has already been used extensively for natural gas conditioning that requires a large turndown of the NG flow and LPG injection volumes. CFD modeling and field performance have validated vaporization distance for critical process systems. 

Chief Technical Officer at ProSep, John Sabey, welcomed the recognition, commenting: “This patent is a testament to our commitment to improving the innovative solutions we offer clients and our ability to provide adaptive technology that can help optimize existing operations. As an outstanding example of our proprietary mixing technologies, AIM has a longstanding track record of reducing chemical and wash water injection for upstream operations, resulting in enhanced plant efficiency and significant cost savings for operators. These improvements, covered by the patent, create new application opportunities in the midstream, natural gas, and LNG markets. Additionally, we are also pursuing deployment in downstream and carbon capture applications.

These improvements and the recognition received by the US Patent Office will allow us to continue deploying AIM across projects to support industry aims to adopt more environmentally conscious technologies that optimize critical resources.”

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