Phytobiotics unveils the latest additions to its flavour lineup for enhanced livestock feed palatability

Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH has announced a series of smart flavours, specifically formulated to boost the palatability of livestock feed. This latest addition to our portfolio is designed to meet the diverse taste preferences of various farm animals, promising to elevate both animal health and production efficiency.

Miracol Vanilla IPE HC: Robust and very cost-effective. First choice for Young Animals
The Miracol Vanilla IPE HC emerges as a standout in this new range. Its robust stability during the pelleting process makes it an ideal choice for feed manufacturers. This cost-effective flavour is especially preferred by ruminants, pigs, and horses, with a notable preference among young animals. Its adaptability in milk replacers for calves and piglets underscores Phytobiotics’ commitment to enhancing early animal nutrition.

Miracol Umami P: The intense Meaty Revolution
Next in line is the Miracol Umami P, a flavour that brings a high-intensity meaty taste, reminiscent of roasted ham and bacon, to livestock feed. Heat-stable and appealing particularly to ruminants and pigs, this product stands out for its ability to reduce piglet tail biting by stimulating their appetite. Its efficacy in improving production efficiency in automatic milk systems as an attractant further establishes its utility in modern farming practices. Additionally, we suggest incorporating this flavour into pet food, with a special emphasis on formulations tailored for dogs.

Miracol Mushroom P: Highly Stable. Enhancing Feed Appeal
Miracol Mushroom P complements the series with its highly stable profile, ideal for pelleting processes. When combined with Miracol Umami P, it enhances its characteristic properties, offering a unique flavour experience to livestock. Its effectiveness in stimulating feed appetite, especially in pigs and piglets, positions it as a valuable tool for farmers aiming to optimize feed intake.

Miracol Tangerine IPE HS: Citrus stability redefined
The Miracol Tangerine IPE HS is a delightful blend of full-fruity tangerine flavour with a sweet vanilla twist. Designed for optimized citric flavour stability, this variant caters primarily to ruminants, including calves and cattle. Its role in enhancing production efficiency in automatic milk systems as an attractant further demonstrates Phytobiotics’ dedication to advancing livestock feeding solutions.

Bigarol Anise-Fennel P: A Traditional Twist
The Bigarol Anise-Fennel P is a unique combination that brings a sweet, anise, and fennel note, beautifully rounded off with a hint of honey. This flavour stands out for its ability to mask unpleasant fatty notes in feed, making it more palatable for animals. Its stability in mineral feed mixtures and heat resilience make it a versatile choice. Commonly used for ruminants, piglets, and horses, this traditional flavour is poised to become a staple in feed formulations.

Miracol Corn P: Enhancing Cereal Flavours
Another addition to the range is the Miracol Corn P, designed to augment the natural cereal flavour profile in livestock feed. This highly stable flavour is particularly adept at masking corn gluten, making it more appealing to animals. Ideal for cattle and pigs, this product enhances the typical cereal taste, ensuring a more enjoyable eating experience for animals.

Bigarol Pineapple PE: A Tropical Innovation
The Bigarol Pineapple PE introduces a new generation of fresh and full-fruity pineapple flavour to the livestock feed market. This encapsulated product boasts up to 30% longer-term stability, providing protection against aggressive feed components. Its appealing tropical taste is especially preferred by pigs and piglets, making it a valuable addition to enhancing feed attractiveness.

Miracol Red Berry P: A Berry Special Addition
Completing this rollout is the Miracol Red Berry P. This flavour represents a fresh and innovative approach, this time in the red fruit flavour category. It’s specifically recommended for inclusion in mineral feed for piglets. The heat-stable red fruit flavour not only masks undesired olfactory notes but is also perfect for flavouring problem feeds in piglets and pigs, offering a very pleasant berry twist.

Phytobiotics’ Approach to Flavours in Livestock Feed
Phytobiotics’ flavour lineup is based on science and continuous market observation. By prioritizing palatability, these flavours not only address the specific taste preferences of different animal species in different stages of life but also contribute to their overall well-being and health.

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