Fertiberia accelerates its biotechnology business and launches NERGETIC DZ+ with the NSAFE® bio-inhibitor

Fertiberia, a European leader in the high added value crop nutrition sector, kicks off 2024 with a decisive boost to its activity in the field of biotechnology. The company has just launched its NERGETIC DZ+ NSAFE® fertiliser, the first in the world with a bio-inhibitor that prevents nitrogen losses, while protecting soil biodiversity and increasing crop yields. To this end, it made an international presentation in Madrid that involved the participation of large distribution firms in the sector as well as leading agri-food companies. This presentation marks the beginning of marketing this ground-breaking product on the market.

NERGETIC DZ+ is a next-generation crop nutrition solution from the Fertiberia TECH line that incorporates protective and biostimulant technologies such as C-PRO, which stimulates nitrogen functionalities in crops. Now it goes one step further in its evolution with NSAFE® technology, the first microbiological development on the market with a nitrification inhibiting effect. This innovation, the result of more than 6 years of research, allows fertilisers to enrich the soil with minimal losses due to their microbial nature, thus offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemically synthesised inhibitors.

″NERGETIC DZ+ NSAFE® is a distinct proposal since it combines biotechnology leadership and high added value solutions that will be available on the Spanish market in the coming weeks″, states Alfredo Segura, Commercial Director of Grupo Fertiberia, adding that ″throughout this year, its progressive internationalization will start in the other countries where Grupo Fertiberia operates, such as France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Greece, among others″.

In parallel, Fertiberia will gradually incorporate this biotechnology innovation into the rest of its product portfolio. NERGETIC DZ+ (a product suitable for top dressing all crops, which can adapt thanks its performance in the soil and its nitric nitrogen content for both early and late top-dressing) is the first fertiliser in the renewed NERGETIC COMPLETE line that integrates this innovative NSAFE® technology.

″The other products in this line will be available throughout 2024, thus making it one of the most complete, efficient and sustainable lines on the market″, remarks Segura.

NSAFE® is the result of more than six years of research in which a solution more efficient than any other chemical inhibitor has been attained. This is because, unlike said chemical inhibitors, it does not act on ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+) like synthetic inhibitors do. Instead, it directly acts on nitric nitrogen (NO3-), thus being able to absorb it into its organic structure in the protein form and release it as organic nitrogen after the end of its life cycle. Fertiberia strives to lead the market in high added value solutions for agriculture. It is currently the only company in the sector that already produces fertilisers on a large scale with green hydrogen (within the framework of its Net Zero plan, with which it expects to be carbon neutral by 2035). ″Together with the drastic reduction in emissions and the launch of NSAFE®, the company moves toward a product portfolio that minimises environmental impact, maintains soil qualities and boosts agronomic performance, providing dual environmental and economic profitability for producers″, concludes Alfredo Segura

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