The power of flowering lies in our hands, Tradecorp’s sustainable answer to growers’ needs to improve growth and future harvests

Tradecorp launches The Power of Flowering Lies In Our Hands an awareness campaign to become the best partner for leading growers to produce fruit, vegetables, cereals and other agricultural produce for the food industry, retailers and consumers under quality, quantity, and sustainability criteria.

The Power Of Flowering Lies in Our Hands is an answer to act sustainably by using the right biostimulants to make this season flower.  

Flowering is a decisive turning point for future harvests and is a key phenological stage that defines plants’ reproductive growth. In this sense, it is influenced by different factors, such as light, water, temperature, and nutrients, and is also conditioned by global change drivers, such as climate stress, drought and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2)*.   

Since weather conditions are predictable but not alterable, Tradecorp’s products enhance the flowering stage, empower fertility, avoid climate stress, and improve fruit setting:  

Florastart, a powerful biostimulant specifically designed to enhance the flowering stage, promote pollen production and fertility, as well as to improve fruit setting. 

Its unique formulation biostimulates crops with L-α Free Amino Acids, providing Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) which boost plant energy and encourage the plant to move to the next growth stage. High Boron (B) and Molybdenum (Mo) are the two components that help constantly by promoting vigorous flowering and pollen fertility, while the synergy between P, K, and Mo contributes to overcome the difficulties associated with delaye flowering due to an excess of Nitrogen in the crop. It is suitable for use in most crops, such as citrus, tomatoes, melon, watermelon, and nut trees. It is also recommended for foliar application and is suitable for fertigation. 

Florastart’s proven results show how citrus yields improve from 9-15%, enhancing flower set, fruit weight and size and reducing fruit fall. Trials have also shown yield increases and flower set in melon of 34% and yield increases in raspberries of 14%. 

Phylgreen Mira is a powerful fruit-set-enhancing seaweed biostimulant derived from pure cold-extracted fresh.

Ascophyllum nodosum. During the gentle extraction process, all the active ingredients are protected from denaturation to maximise product efficacy.

Ascophyllum’s natural flowering and fruit-set-enhancing properties are enhanced by combining Magnesium, Boron and Molybdenum which are essential nutrients for these stages. It is formulated with Primactive effect technology that helps combat spring climate stresses such as late frost, humidity and unseasonal heat, which are becoming more and more frequent. It also increases flower number potential and reduces abortion risk, securing fruit set by reducing millerandage.  

Results show that a 9% improvement in the flowering process of grapes, fruit abortion is reduced by the same percentage and fruit set grows by 5%. Some trials have revealed that apples experience an improvement of 14% in fruit set with an 8% yield increase while maintaining fruit size. Phylgreen Mira raises the marketable yield of tomatoes by an average of 9%.   These two products help to achieve the desired results by boosting fertility, enhancing the quality and quantity of the yield, as well as bringing homogeneous flowering and setting, while helping to fight possible episodes of climate stress that occur during springtime. 

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