Made for dairy farmers

The average dairy farm contains 115 mature cows, each of them producing about 7 gallons of milk per day. If you count precisely, that makes more than 800 gallons of milk each and every day! Therefore, you have to provide the right storage in order to keep the milk fresh. The most common method is the glass bottle. But before using them, they have to pass through a thorough cleaning, washing, and sanitizing process. And that is a lot of bottles to clean!

Fortunately, machines nowadays automate the process to help increase the efficiency of our milk producers; our affordable bottle washer does the job of bigger equipment, yet is a space saver.

Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk

Fresh milk tastes incredibly delicious. With on-site bottled milk, it does not get any fresher than this! While ensuring that an ample supply of sterile bottles is ready when needed, our bottle cleaner is efficient, easy to operate, and built to last.

With the help of our Multi-Function Washer, get fresh milk from the farm to your table.  More and more are talking about milk delivery services. Here are an article Milk deliveries return to fashion as Britain works from home in coronavirus crisis. Click on the images to read the article:


Glass Bottles

Glass-bottled milk is both nostalgic and in high demand, while being eco-friendly: you can recycle your old bottle, use them as decorative items in your home, and reuse them for any other beverage.

Our compact, counter-top level bottle cleaners make glass bottles a more convenient alternative for dairy farms while providing the crystal clear, sterile bottles customers expect. Completely sterile and see-through glass, that’s what you can expect from our Multi-Function bottle cleaning machines.

Reused Bottles

Dairy farms are also looking at their own customized, returnable, and reusable glass bottles. It’s giving the opportunity to create a circular economy in your business. These will bring significant savings over time while helping reduce waste by reusing and re-purposing their old bottles. Our bottle cleaner, with its energy-saving performance and low water consumption, will contribute to reducing costs as it reduces waste. Choose the eco-friendly option by trusting our Multi-Function Washer.

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