Dallas Keith Ltd is a well-known and trusted animal feed and mineral supplement manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. We produce products to meet livestock farmers’ every need to ensure that stock is able to perform to the best of their ability. Dallas Keith was one of the first companies to offer liquid feed supplements, and the first to produce a molassed feed supplement in a bucket. From there we have continued to grow within the U.K. and throughout the world; now offering a wide range of products to help supplement pasture or roughage with the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements vital to the health and development of your herd or flock. We are producing high quality feed supplements for ruminants, using techniques and methods, perfected over the years.

Whatever the season, deficiency or challenge, we have the solution to ensure your livestock are healthy, high-performing and producing to maximum capability.

SaltLix Range

Salt is one of the most under-rated and inaccessible minerals to ruminant livestock. It is vital for maintaining bodily functions such as transmitting nerve impulses, uptake of key nutrients into the bloodstream and maintaining bodily fluids. Salt deficiencies are commonly displayed by abnormal licking or chewing of wood, soil and sweat of other animals, urine drinking and slow growth rates or low milk yields.

Dallas Keith have developed a unique production method to create our SaltLix blocks in a wide range of sizes from 10kg to 500kg! Offering high levels of trace elements in a salt based block is an efficient and cost effective way of supplying year round access to supplementation whilst preventing excessive intakes. The SaltLix range offers various formulations of high levels of trace elements with minimal, if any, wastage. Produced to proven guaranteed specifications, the Dallas Keith range of SaltLix products are designed to provide mineral and trace element supplementation for both housed and grazing animals, for use in all seasons and all management systems. A steady supply of the key element salt, along with all the major trace elements required for good health and productivity.

Feed and Molamin range

At Dallas Keith we also offer a range of specialized molassed feed and mineral blocks proven to be unaffected by weather conditions such as high temperatures, and harsh weather, which makes them ideal for both housed and grazing stock. Our feed block range is designed to get the most out of your homegrown forage whilst supplementing the minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential for health and production. The Dallas Keith Molamin range contains a higher level of minerals, vitamins and trace

Elements which makes them suitable for year round use.

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