Benchmark Genetics new incubation facility

We recently opened a new incubation centre in Iceland which enables us to meet our customers’ growing demand for bio-secure salmon eggs year round.

Benchmark is a world-leader in salmon genetics. Through our bio-secure facilities in Iceland, we are able to serve our customers in the salmon industry across all production paradigms – from traditional salmon farming to new land-based systems – year-round.

In order to satisfy the growing demand, we have increased our capacity in Iceland through the construction of a new incubation centre. The new incubation centre, built to the highest standards of biosecurity and water management has a 400 million egg capacity, equivalent to more than 1 million tonnes of harvested salmon.

“This is a big milestone for Benchmark Genetics Iceland and gives us an opportunity to grow even further. This facility makes us able to produce more quality ova and meet the increasing demand from the salmon farming industry.”

– Jónas Jónasson, CEO Benchmark Genetics Iceland

Highest biosecurity standards

To ensure the highest biosecurity standards, the facility has 10,000 5-litre single incubators, each of which matures eggs from one female. In addition, the purest fresh and sea water, cleaned by lava sand is pumped from deep wells into the centre. This water has never been in contact with wild fish.

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