Moba has created a game changer with their new Vision Crack Detector. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Vision Crack can see even the tiniest cracks that are not visible to the human eye. What makes Moba’s Vision Crack Detector stand out in the market is that our technicians have discovered a new method that works on all eggs, white and brown. This wasn’t possible before! The system will be available first for the North American market as of early 2022 and later be followed by the introduction in other markets worldwide.

Moba has set a new standard in visual crack detection with this revolutionary Vision Crack Detector. The system uses the latest technology combined with AI; a true game changer in crack detection. The AI network is trained to see things that go beyond human recognition capabilities. Since eggs are natural products, and no two cracks are the same, Moba has taught the AI network with thousands and thousands of sample pictures; to train the system.

White and brown eggs

Together with strategic partner Image House Food, Moba has developed a method that  detects all eggs, regardless of their color; from pure white to very dark brown and everything in between. A breakthrough like this wasn’t possible before. This technology has been patented.

Food safety

With the Vision Crack Detector, there is no contact with the eggshell and this results in a reduction in cross-contamination. Another advantage is that cleaning procedures are significantly simplified. All this is especially helpful in markets with very strict hygienic requirements.

Successful tested at packing station

Moba successfully performed, an extensive field test at leading egg producer Herbruck’s in Michigan, USA. The detector performed beyond expectations on both white and brown eggs of various housing systems. Mr. Herb Herbruck: “It was amazing to see that a computer can be trained to detect things the human eye can’t see. After Moba trained the AI system for several weeks, I trusted the results of the field test unit completely. We were amazed by the accurate results and can’t wait for the production of this system to start!”

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