Zuidberg front linkages and PTOs are now available from UK importer, Lynx Engineering, through the New Holland dealer network for some of the latest Stage 5 variants of the manufacturer’s speciality T4 and T5 tractor ranges.

These include the T4 F Series (Super Steer) 4.80, 4.90, 4.100, 4.110 and 4.120 models, the T4 V/N/F Series (Standard Steer) 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120 models, plus the T5 Series (Electro-Command) 5.100, 5.110 and 5.120 models.

Precision-engineered for a perfect fit

Designed to fit T4 and T5 models with unrivalled precision thanks to tractor-specific connections, a Zuidberg front linkage is the perfect match for your tractor. Front linkage lifting capacity is up to 18kN on T4 models and either 22kN or 28kN depending on hitch category for the T5 Series.

The compact construction and design of the linkage ensures that maximum ground clearance and steering angle are always maintained. Linkages can be set to a single-acting, double-acting and transport position with the multi-valve supplied as standard. The removable linkage arms have transport, fixed and oscillation settings. Your linkage pack also comes with a top link, balls and towing hook.

Power forward with a Zuidberg front PTO

A Zuidberg front PTO is also available for fitting to T4 V/N/F Standard Steer and T5 Electro Command models.

Full engine power is transferable with the standard Zuidberg PTO which utilises a multi-disc wet clutch system for smoother activation of equipment and a longer life span.

The output shaft can always be rotated over 60 degrees for maximum ease of connection and is non-rotating in unloaded condition.

An integrated oil system guarantees rapid PTO installation as it is independent of the tractor’s hydraulic system. The PTO also includes measuring points for easy location of any faults.Each PTO is supplied with a protective cover for the PTO stump. We would always recommend the fitting of a full safety guard for the PTO shaft

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