Arbor Acres MEA Team Celebrates 140 Club Members at PAMED

The Arbor Acres® MEA team attended PAMED in Hammamet in Tunisia in June, and whilst there they recognized their key customers who had recently gained entry into the exclusive Arbor Acres 140 Club.

The Arbor Acres 140 Club membership is awarded to Aviagen customers who achieve a breeder performance of 140 or more chicks per hen housed (chicks/hh) at 60 weeks. Special attention in areas such as biosecurity, nutrition and exceptional day-to-day management are critical to achieving record chick numbers and entry into the club. The 140 Club was launched as an encouragement for Arbor Acres poultry producers throughout the MENA region to celebrate good performance, and to highlight the benefits of the Arbor Acres breeder and the return on investment for customers.

 Michael Garden, Business Manager, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Khalil Nassar, International Commercial Manager, Arbor Acres, and Moez Eleuch, International Technical Service Manager presented the awards to the following customers:

Savinord:   Customer Name    Farm    Chicks per hen housed
Chouchani Slah13 A140.8
Mechergui Hafeth13 A & 13 C140.8 & 152.6
Yahiaoui KamelSmara147.3
Samaani NajibSmara/Marcel 11147.3 & 152.1
Chaouki HemissiSite des reproducteurs149.3
Khelifi Mohamed      Marcel 11          152.1 
Maamouri Abdelaziz      13 C          152.6 
Sotavi:   Customer Name    Farm    Chicks per hen housed
Riadh Ben SaidLot 22/11/2018 & Lot 23/07/2020145.7
Poulina-Dick:   Customer Name    Farm    Chicks per hen housed
Mefteh MhirthiSaouef 4144.9
Mejid BarkoutiTakelsa145.9
Taher AymenThuborbo Majus Pro 3147.9
Chiheb Ben MaaouiaReproducteurs AA149.8
Tarek SoltaniTyna153.8
Hafedh OmriSbeitla 2157.2
Achref MisseouiSbeitla 3158.1
Aymen KhmissiThuborbo Majus P1162.1
Iyed DandanaThuborbo Majus P4169.3
Miamys:   Customer Name    Farm    Chicks per hen housed
Yassine DaadouchBouyoussef 3158.9
Chahia:   Customer Name    Farm    Chicks per hen housed
Abdallah GaderRC 3-4-13143.5
Mohéddine GuedriRC 3-4-13143.5

“I would like to congratulate all of our 140 Club members for their exceptional results that have been achieved through their hard work and dedication to the Arbor Acres brand. The Arbor Acres breed offers our customer’s excellent performance to ensure the brand continues to grow within the MEA region. The Arbor Acres breeder is performing remarkably well and this is highlighted and will continue to be highlighted through our customer’s performance and their entry into our 140 Club,” commented Moez Eleuch, International Technical Service Manager.

Eng Chaouki Hemissi, Production Manager for Savinord commented, “We are honoured to become a member of the Arbor Acres 140 Club. Our results were due to the commitment and collaborative efforts of our entire team, the excellent genetics of the Arbor Acres broiler, as well as a passion for the best health and management of our flocks. We are extremely proud that all of our 2018 and 2019 flocks have been able to reach more than 140 chicks at 60 weeks. A special thanks to Moez Eleuch, Zied Azzez, and all the Aviagen team for this event.”

Lakhdar Akermi, Parent Stock Manager for Chahia added, “I would like to thank the Aviagen team for creating the Arbor Acres 140 Club. Gaining membership into the 140 Club has encouraged Chahia employees to continue to work to the best possible standards and make the best use of the Arbor Acres broiler genetics in order to achieve the best results.”

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