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AMANDUS KAHL – Machines and Plants Made in Germany
AMANDUS KAHL is a medium-sized mechanical engineering company based in Reinbek near Hamburg. The flagship product of the company, founded in 1876, is the flat die press for the production of pellets for various industries. AMANDUS KAHL manufactures, among other things, plants for the treatment and processing of animal feed and pet food. All machines and plants stand for quality “Made in Germany”.Middle East of Particular Importance

In recent years, interest in the feed sector has grown, particularly in the Middle East. Due to the constantly increasing business activities, AMANDUS KAHL already reacted several years ago and opened an office in the Jordanian capital Amman to better serve the market. In this way, KAHL not only ensures a broader sales base, but also faster service.
After a short start-up phase, important major projects were already completed in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Egypt. A major project for the Arab Emirates for the production of special feeds for horses, camels, pigeons and exotic birds was successfully commissioned in 2019.
In addition, KAHL supplies a concentrate feed plant with a capacity of 40 t/h to Saudi Arabia. This feed is used above all in cattle, sheep and goat farming. The special feature of this plant is the fact that apart from normal feed for ruminants complete feed can be produced which includes both traditional grain components and long-fibre components, such as alfalfa. Due to the special technology of AMANDUS KAHL it is possible to largely maintain the long fibres in the pellets. This is a huge benefit to the health of the animals. In Egypt, a plant is being built with a capacity of 35 t/h, which produces concentrate feed for cattle, poultry and fish. The customer is one of the largest grain traders and processors in the country. In his flour mills wheat and maize are processed to flour and pasta products. AMANDUS KAHL now builds the first feed mill for this customer, so that the wheat bran of his factories can also be marketed.
In addition to the above 40 t/h concentrate plant for Saudi Arabia, a coffee roasting plant was built in close cooperation with another member of the KAHL Group, the company NEUHAUS NEOTEC. Besides, a factory for the oat flake production is built on the same site to meet the increasing demand for breakfast cereals in this region. The oat processing plant was delivered by F.H. SCHULEMühlenbau.

KAHL Services in the Compound Feed Sector

In addition to individual machines and machine lines, AMANDUS KAHL also offers turnkey plants: From planning and production through to construction, KAHL takes over all tasks in order to provide its customers with advice and support. The KAHL compound feed sector comprises plants for conditioning, treating and processing compound feed, shrimp and fish feed, petfood, premix/concentrates, roughage, straw, green forage and dried beet pulp. The product range includes proportioning and weighing equipment, mixers, hammer mills, liquid proportioning units, continuous mixers, conditioners, hydrothermal reactors, sterilizers, annular gap expanders, extruders, pelleting presses, driers/coolers, crumblers, Rotospray®, control and process visualisation systems.

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